Wintergreen Property Owners Plan To Sue ACP

Friends of Wintergreen reported today that nearly 1,000 Wintergreen property owners, a number that is growing daily, plan to individually sue the Atlantic Coast Pipeline for damages to their property if the pipeline company seizes land used by the Wintergreen community.  Go here for press release.

FOW to FERC: We Want The Same As the USFS

Friends of Wintergreen filed with FERC today asking that Wintergreen and Nelson County land be treated with the same due diligence and duty of care as the USFS demands of its land.   Dominion needs to do more analysis and detailed plans.

Pipeline A Drag On Wintergreen Property Values

Friends of Wintergreen announced that the prospect of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) on Wintergreen land and in front of the only entrance and exit to the mountain resort has already depressed property values by 10% or more.   This is in contrast to Dominion’s 2015 claim to county officials across the Commonwealth that “there is no consistent information suggesting the presence of a natural gas pipeline easement would decrease property values.”  Real estate values elsewhere in the Commonwealth have increased by an estimated 2-5+%.

FOW Filing To FERC — August 26, 2016

Friends of Wintergreen submitted a large, technical filing to FERC which points out the flaws in Dominion’s pipeline route analysis.  FOW engineers and environmental scientists continue to maintain that the alternative routes proposed by FOW are superior and less damaging than those promoted by Dominion.  In the cover letter, FOW again “requests that the Commission Staff formally evaluate each of FOW’s alternative routes and provide an independent and comprehensive evaluation.”
The complete FOW filing can be found in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.