Every Wintergreen Property Owner
May Be Entitled To “Just Compensation”
From the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

But You Must Sue To Get It.
Here’s What You Need to Know.

Background on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Wintergreen

As a Wintergreen property owner, you may be entitled by law to receive “just compensation” for any decrease in your Wintergreen property value caused by Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).

Dominion plans to take a 4+ acre easement from the Wintergreen common area near the front gate to construct a 42-inch wide natural gas pipeline. With FERC approval, Dominion can condemn the property for the ACP project.

Dominion will use more than 4 acres of Wintergreen common area and other private property rights to drill a 4,000-foot tunnel under the mountain that supports the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The drilling operation will be performed 24/7 for up to 18 months on Wintergreen common area property immediately in front of the Mountain Resort’s only entrance and exit.

Construction will require the removal of thousands of trees and will further require importing 6 million gallons of water from the James River for drilling.

From the drilling site in front of the Wintergreen gatehouse, the pipeline would continue up Piney Mountain, also Wintergreen property, cross through Fortune’s Point next to Fortune’s Ridge, then continue east to Nellysford and beyond. 

Dominion plans to utilize Wintergreen roads for access and construction purposes.




Will my property lose value?

By taking Wintergreen common area owned by the Wintergreen Property Owners Association (WPOA), the ACP will take and damage each owner’s easement of use and enjoyment in those same common areas during and after construction, caused by construction and operation of a natural gas pipeline, reduction in WPOA and resort services, marketplace stigma for safety concerns and other reasons that cause a loss in property values. This issue applies to all WPOA members. Each member is entitled to “damages,” which are calculated individually as the unique decrease in value to each owner’s property rights affected by the pipeline project.



Local realtors have already seen a drop of 10 percent or more in Wintergreen property values since the pipeline was announced. What does this decline mean for your property? Will it get worse?




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