What We’ve Done

Friends of Wintergreen, Inc. (FOW) was created on August 6, 2015 to protect and enhance the value, beauty, integrity, and sustainability of Wintergreen, Route 151, and neighboring communities.

The first order of business was to identify the negative impacts of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline on the Wintergreen area and then work to find a better solution to the current proposed route. Working with top national legal, environmental and engineering experts, FOW identified the problems and potential solutions which are formally and informally being communicated to Dominion, the federal regulators and top government officials.

The following is a chronology of event in 2015 and a look ahead to 2016:

Year Month Date Event
2015 Feb 23 Dominion considers “Wintergreen Route” as alternate
May 16 Dominion selects “Wintergreen Route” as preferred
May 25 FOW sponsors Wintergreen member meeting
June 1 FOW hires experts, meetings started
Aug 6 FOW legally formed; 501c(3) filed
Sept 18 Dominion files 30,000 page application with FERC
Oct 23 FOW submits “Protest” to FERC
Dec 4 Dominion responds to FOW through FERC
4 FERC asks Dominion to evaluate 3 alternate routes
16 WPOA and Resort file joint “Protest” to FERC
21 IRS grants FOW 501c(3) status, retroactive
29 FOW submits vetted Alternate Routes to FERC
2016 May 13 FOW submits more detailed Alternate Routes to FERC
May 30 FOW sponsors Wintergreen member meeting
Aug 12 FERC sets calendar and deliverables for DEIS
Aug 25 FOW submits its evaluation of Dominion route analysis to FERC
Sept FOW submits its evaluation of Dominion’s Spruce Creek Variation to FERC
Dec FERC issues DEIS
 2017 April FERC issues EIS
June FERC decision
Sept Construction begins (if approved)
2019 Mar Pipeline operational (if approved)

Official Filings

The following are links to the official FERC filings submitted by FOW and responses from Dominion and FERC: