Threat to Wintergreen’s entrance

The planned pipeline would be situated on Wintergreen land and immediately adjacent to the mountain resort’s only entrance and exit. As many as 10,000 residents and visitors can be on the mountain on any given day.

Pipeline explosions, while infrequent, do happen. Friends of Wintergreen estimates there will be an average of 7.5 “incidents” on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline over its 20-year lifespan.

Importantly, though, unlike smaller diameter pipelines, the blast radius from a 42-inch pipeline would exceed 1,100 feet or 1/5 or a mile in all directions. Evacuation zones are typically three times that size, especially in a heavily forested area like Wintergreen with one of the highest fire risks in all Virginia. An incident by the entrance would destroy the police department, the communications center and the community center, among other critical facilities.

Route 151 traffic and safety

Route 151 has blind curves and limited-visibility entrance/exit roads that is unsuitable for large-scale heavy traffic. Yet it is routinely used by 18-wheelers as a short cut between I-64 to US 29-S. Many of these drivers are routed by GPS or remote dispatchers and are unfamiliar with the road and its hazards, resulting in numerous accidents.

These roadways are not suitable for a continual flow of large, 24-ton construction vehicles.

incident chart

Wgreen Google Earth View - Copy