The Wintergreen Area
is a great place to
snowboard. hike the Appalachian Trail. try craft beer.  fall in love. get married. buy a house. buy a condo. rent either one of those. stay cool in July. play in the snow. escape a virus. take a winery tour. take 12 winery tours. sip some cider. breathe clean air. relax. see a black bear. learn to fly a glider. gawk at amazing views. join a community. recover from a day of Zoom calls. learn to ski. play golf. hang with friends. make new friends.

Our Initiatives

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As the premier community in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we are working to increase responsible tourism to, and sustainable development in, the Wintergreen area.

We have several projects under development to increase demand for local home purchases and rentals. 

We are sponsoring a free online portal — called — for homeowners and renters to conveniently find and obtain services and products from local, vetted providers. 

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