Our Initiatives

3 Things We're Doing To
Make Wintergreen Better

Isn’t it remarkable how many new cideries, wineries, breweries, inns, and restaurants have  popped up in Nelson County over the past ten years?  These mostly family-run businesses are a welcome addition to our communities.     

Since the 1970s, Wintergreen has been a premier resort and community in Virginia.  With the arrival of these new businesses especially along Route 151, the number and assortment of attractions are creating some tourism buzz. 

Now that Friends of Wintergreen and others have successfully completed the five-year fight to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, we are now focusing on the promise that sustainable growth and responsible development can bring to Wintergreen and the Wintergreen Area. 

We believe the Wintergreen Area will become a premier national destination for the millions of eco-appreciative tourists and like-minded homeowners.  We want to develop programs and services that increases the appeal of Wintergreen to responsible tourists and residents.  

Three initiatives are our first practical steps to achieving that goal: 

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