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Wintergreen covers 11,000 acres which include 3,800 individual residences, a premier four-season resort, and 6,000 acres of dedicated open space.

For the past 40 years, the Wintergreen community has established and maintained its reputation as environmentally sensitive, utilizing strong themes of conservation and preservation in its covenants and restrictions and its community policy.  Wintergreen is also Nelson County’s largest employer and taxpayer and attracts 400,000 visitors each year.

Help Us Help Wintergreen

We want to attract eco-friendly buyers to Wintergreen who live beyond our natural Mid-Atlantic market.  Especially those who enjoy outdoor activities, recreation, nature and community. 

If you have a real estate background and would like to help us with this project, please let us know by going here.  

Wintergreen Is Growing

Discover how to leave the chaos of urban areas. Discover stress free living. Discover vacation homes, future retirement homes, condominiums, farmstead and acreage.

Property values are secure and rising due to the higher demand for relaxed, low-impact living. The cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed in vastly different ways to a surge in appreciation and demand for the Wintergreen Resort and the 151 Corridor.

With the removal of the threats of a 42-inch natural gas pipeline zig-zagging across Wintergreen and the 151 Corridor and the scaring at the entrance to the resort healing, anxiety about living, visiting and investing in the area has been lifted.

The separation and isolation required to restrict the spread of COVID-19 has increased awareness of the need for places like Wintergreen. The vast network of spectacular hiking trails and waterfalls, the Appalachian Trail and Blue Ridge Parkway, and numerous outdoor activities are the norm in the Wintergreen Area. They are nature’s gift to us.

Room to expand your life. Wintergreen has it all. 

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