Promote the Wintergreen Area

The Wintergreen Area Is Amazing

Discover Wintergreen, the starting point for discovering central Virginia. Nestled in the center of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Shenandoah Valley, and the Rockfish Valley.

It’s where nature, year-round sports, scenic and cultural sites, and American history, all abound. Where action and relaxation are always a difficult choice. 

It’s wilderness areas, hiking, music festivals, vineyards, breweries, and restaurants.  It’s farmer’s markets, farm to table, and organic dining. 

Enjoy the value of living in the unique and ancient ecosystem of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Wintergreen, where quality of life happens every day!

We want the world to know that the Wintergreen Area is a world-class destination and community.

The Wintergreen Resort and its community is part of larger and diverse collection of local businesses catering to tourists.

Over the past ten years, a large number of new businesses have been established in our area.  Many of these are family-owned and cater to tourists.  Today, more than a dozen wineries, microbreweries, cideries, boutique inns, and restaurants are attracting new and different types of visitors to the Wintergreen area. 

More recently, COVID-19, low-interest rates and new telecommuting tech has increased Wintergreen’s popularity as city-dwellers seek out safe mountain living.  

Because of all this, and the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we see an opportunity to promote the Wintergreen Area and the wide variety of businesses and communities it represents. 

Breweries and Cideries
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