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FavoritePlace.Com Is Our First New Service For Homeowners

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Our Goal Is To Provide New Services To Homeowners From Local Providers

Favorite Place is a project of Friends of Wintergreen, a 501 c(3) non-profit with a mission to “protect and enhance the value, beauty, integrity, and sustainability of the Wintergreen area.”  Now that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been defeated,  Friends of Wintergreen is now focused on three new initiatives to further support this mission, including one to bring new value-added services, like Favorite Place, to the community.

Favorite Place, LLC created, built and operates the hyper-local, multi-vendor marketplace to provide services and grow commerce between the Wintergreen-area community and local businesses.  It is free to community residents.

Our goal is to enhance the appeal of Wintergreen to residents and to create more jobs in the neighboring communities

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