Our Friends

Friends of Wintergreen collaborates with Wintergreen and other community and business groups. We encourage you to visit and support them.

Wintergreen Resort

Wintergreen Resort is an award-winning ultimate four-season vacation or conference spot, Wintergreen Resort is peaceful and refreshing, with an endless variety of activities. It is one of the largest employers in Nelson County.

Wintergreen Property Owners Association

The WPOA is the homeowners association of 3,700 property owners at Wintergreen. It establishes and oversees the community standards and covenants, maintains and manages the common areas which include the roads, parks and open spaces, the Wintergreen Police Department. It also supports, through financial contributions, the Wintergreen Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad.

The Nature Foundation of Wintergreen

The Nature Foundation of Wintergreen encourages and enhances understanding, appreciation, and conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Nelson 151

Nelson 151 is the travel destination for Virginia wine, craft beer, hard cider, spirits and outdoor recreation lovers. Route 151 is a designated Virginia scenic byway on the sunrise side of the Blue Ridge that connects the Nelson 151 member businesses.

The Rockfish Valley Foundation

The Rockfish Valley Foundation works hard to preserve the natural, historical, ecological and agricultural resources of the Rockfish Valley.