Select A Law Firm To Represent You

As a first step, each landowner will need to secure a law firm that specializes in eminent domain matters.

Because there could be economic and legal benefits to landowners if a single firm represented many or most of the thousands of Wintergreen owners, Wintergreen Property Owners Association (WPOA) and Friends of Wintergreen, Inc. (FOW) have been working with the prominent eminent domain firm, Waldo & Lyle, PC. based in Norfolk.

The lead partner in this case is Brian Kunze  (left).

Exclusively practicing eminent domain law in Virginia, Waldo & Lyle, PC has first-hand knowledge of Wintergreen by virtue of their representation of the WPOA, as well as experience with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and a successful track record in inverse condemnations lawsuits on behalf of other property owners throughout Virginia. Waldo & Lyle has agreed to represent any Wintergreen landowner in a cost-efficient and effective manner, including providing pre-negotiated caps for certain costs and lower attorney fee rates due to efficiencies of scale and administrative support provided by WPOA and FOW for the benefit of the property owners.

That said, Wintergreen property owners can use any attorney for representation and should evaluate the credentials, experience and fee structure before committing to representation.

A list of some other eminent domain firms working on ACP matters is here.



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All information that Friends of Wintergreen, Inc. has provided or will provide in the future with respect to potential inverse condemnation lawsuits is offered solely as a public service to Wintergreen property owners and does not constitute the solicitation or provision of legal advice.  This information is provided in furtherance of the mission of Friends of Wintergreen, Inc. to protect and enhance the heritage, environment, and natural beauty of the greater Wintergreen area in Nelson County, Virginia, for local citizens, visitors, and the general public. Per your request, the information you provide will be submitted to the law firm of Waldo and Lyle, PC.  It is solely your decision whether to retain Waldo and Lyle, PC and to maintain any relationship with them in the future.  Friends of Wintergreen, Inc. makes no representation with respect to the results you will receive if you retain Waldo and Lyle, PC.